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About me

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Hey, I’m Estelle. Welcome on my blog Curiosity Escapes.

I was born and raised in the South-East of France and I am passionate about travelling. I literally love everything about travelling: before the trip (choice of destination, trip planning, country research), during the trip (living the dream but also the misadventures) and after the trip (selecting my photos and making traditional photo albums, choosing the next destination and dreaming again). Along with my travels came a new passion: photography. I have recently decided to learn the real techniques of photography in order to improve myself.

I think these passions come from my thirst for learning new things, experiencing new activities and doing something different each day. Getting out of my comfort zone is exciting, it makes me feel more alive.

I got my first taste of travels at a very young age. My dad was a truck driver and took me around Europe since I was eighteen months old. Fun fact: I was one of the first child in the world to use the Channel tunnel which links France and Great Britain. When I was 15, I lived in Australia for a year as an exchange student. Red Center, Great Barrier Reef, surfing, koalas… I took everything this country had to offer and made the most of my stay. It remains today the best year of my life.

Ever since I came back to France, I have tried to travel as much as possible in between university semesters or taking advantage of any extended weekends we get due to public holidays.

My favorite activities are hiking and nature sports (rock climbing, canyoning, kayaking, paragliding…). I’m always open to experience new outdoor activities. My next goal: skydiving !

Nowadays, I am currently working in International Sales & Marketing in the industrial sector.

My travel philosophy:

Travelling doesn’t have to be long-term neither be expensive. I want to show you that you can be travelling several times a year while having a full-time job.

Travelling doesn’t have to be far from home. I am also very fond of local escapes in my beautiful region of Rhone-Alpes (France) and other French or European regions. I will give you plenty of ideas and tips on this blog for local escapes.

I used to travel alone during my teenage years and early twenties. Now I mostly travel with my man, Paul, but once in a while, I jump in a plane on my own, for solo adventures.

I tend to prefer nature travels, always seeking wild places to get off the beaten path and to be blown away by the beauty and diversity of nature. But once in a while, I also enjoy going on a city trip, admiring the architecture and wandering in museums.

Hence the name Curiosity Escapes for this blog:

  • Curiosity reflecting my wanderlust and thirst for discovering new things, learning from live experiences.
  • Escapes describing my vision of travel: getaway, whether it be short or long-term, go somewhere to escape from your daily routine.

I hope this blog will convince you to do the same and get away from your daily life.

I do not start a travel blog to give you the traditional city guides or restaurant reviews. In my posts, I will always try to bring something new, a different angle, or information I wish I had found before leaving on a trip. I will give you plenty of getaway ideas for all travel styles: city, countryside, nature, roadtrip, adventure. If you have any questions or if you would like me to discuss a certain destination or escape style, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Have a good read on Curiosity Escapes 🙂

All photographies on this blog belong to me and shall not be used without my permission. If or when I use a photo that is not mine, I will always link to the source.

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