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Travel Thoughts

A Hong-Kong stopover

If you want to reach Australia from Europe, there are no direct flights. You will have to stop in Dubai or Singapore for a stopover. The third time I went to Australia, I’ve decided to stop somewhere else and discover a new city. Bangkok is very popular to any backpackers on their way to Australia […]

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I went to Expo Milano

I’ve always dreamt of visiting the Universal Exhibition one day. It was difficult to go to Shanghai in 2010. But when I found out that the 2015 exhibition would be in Europe, in Italy, I couldn’t resist. Especially because Milan is only a 4.5 hours drive from home. That’s how I embarked my whole family to Italy […]

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Tried and tested: India’s Sleeper Class

If you have ever been to India or if you are preparing your trip to India, then you already know the complexity of the Indian rail system and its 8 different classes. I’m not going to explain to you how to buy train tickets online. So many blogs have already done it and that would […]

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The Pros & Cons of visiting India during Monsoon

Sometimes, you don’t have a choice. You can’t choose your vacation time. That’s the case for me. Like most French companies, the company I work for closes for three weeks during August and all employees are required to take their vacation time during this period. No exceptions. That’s not a reason to waste your hard-earned […]

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